MASSA Law Firm provides legal consulting and assistance services (both in and out of court) throughout Italy, abroad and on the internet in the following areas:
Aree attività Studio Legale MASSA
  • Commercial and corporate law
    (Agency and distributorship, commercial law, national and international contracts, national and international e-commerce, franchising, industrial and manufacturing, joint ventures, etc.)
  • Intellectual and industrial property rights
    (Copyright, domain names, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, etc.)
  • International law and regulations
    (European Community law, treaties and international conventions, etc.)
  • Maritime law
    (Boating accidents, commercial ship accidents, cruise ship accidents, customs law, etc.)
  • Aviation law
    (Aerospace law, aviation accidents, aviation transactions, air carriers obligations, passengers’ rights, etc.)
  • Banking and finance
    (Asset protection, banking law, capital markets, trade investment, etc.)
  • Bankruptcy laws
    (Proof of debt, composition with creditors, distribution plans, insolvency management, etc.)
  • Antitrust law
    (Competition law, market abuses, unfair competition, etc.)
  • Civil and personal rights protection
    (Defamation, reputation, privacy law, consumer law, compensation from accident, injury, defective products, medical malpractice, etc.)
  • Family and marriage law
    (Adoption, child custody, marriage agreements, separation, divorce, etc.)
  • Inheritance law and estate planning
    (Inheritance law, wills, estates and trusts, personal property, etc.)
  • Real estate
    (Construction law, property law, property management, etc.)
  • Information technology and Internet law
    (E-reputation, computer crimes, credit card fraud, national and international e-commerce, website terms and conditions of service, privacy policy, etc.)
  • Government and public laws
    (Administrative law, government contracts, military law, etc.)
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